Welcome to the TEAM-UP Questionnaire designed to gauge attitudes and acceptance levels relating to collaboration and integration in the pharma- and bio-pharma logistics sectors.
Please describe the principal activity of your organisation:

What size of organisation are you?

Are you involved in cold-chain or cool-chain logistics?

Approximately what percentage by value of your overall business is pharmaceutical and biopharma logistics?

Enter a numeric percentage (e.g. 50)
In which areas of the world is your company commercially active?

(tick all that apply)

What factors have most motivated your interest in pharma-logistics collaboration:

Increasing cost pressures from buyers

Increasing performance pressures from buyers

Increasing requirements from regulatory authorities

Poor information flow between supply chain parties

Purchasing decisions based on short-term price rather than long-term value

Unacceptable transfer of risks from buying organisations

Absence of supply chain transparency

Lack of opportunity to input into supply chain solutions

Treated on a subservient basis by customers

Poor share of demand and other data from customer organisations

Not being trusted to perform - unnecessary scrutiny by customers

Not trusting others to perform - unable to rely on suppliers

Antagonistic rather than cooperative business environment

Lack of commercial continuity – the sector tends to favour short-term transactional relationships rather than longer-term strategic partnerships

Are there any other factors that have motivated your interest in pharma-logistics collaboration?

Have you ever, personally, set-up, managed or actively participated in, an end-to-end integrated supply chain? 

In your opinion, what is the single biggest barrier to improved collaboration and integration in pharma-logistics?

Please add any other potential advantages of a more integrated approach for your organisation:

What, potentially, do you see as the main advantages of a more integrated approach for your organisation:

Please rate. 1 thumb = zero or marginal advantage, 5 thumbs = huge advantage
Better able to balance capacity/resources with demand

Reduction in risk through an integrated approach to risk management

Potential improvements to inventory levels

A more co-ordinated approach to regulatory compliance, demand satisfaction, market evolution/disruption etc.

Improved innovation though solution co-development and the sharing of knowledge

Better supplier/buyer relationships with less confrontation, more co-operation

Improved service levels – on-time, product quality etc.

Access to better business – longer term relationships, reduced uncertainty, enhanced commercial arrangements, improved margins etc.

A means of generating market differentiation / competitive advantage

Higher quality service and continuous improvement from fully committed partners

More information visibility, demand sharing and predictive analytics for faster, more informed, decision making

Cooperative innovation and product/service development for more capable, cost-effective solutions

Access to reward systems that incentivise innovation and performance

Greater speed, quality of delivery, and response to market changes

Quicker responses to unpredictable events

Cost savings from more efficient working and reduced wastage

Why do you think this stakeholder is best positioned to take the lead in supply chain integration?

Many people believe that there needs to be a fundamental change in the business culture within pharma-logistics for real supply chain integration to take place on a large scale. Do you agree?

If ‘YES’, how important, on a scale of 0 to 4, do you think there is a need for a far-reaching change in corporate culture for truly integrated supply chains to ever become the norm?

In your personal opinion, do you believe that end-to-end pharma-logistics integration is an attainable goal?

What personal concerns do you have with respect to working in a more integrated manner?

Please add any other personal concerns do you have with respect to working in a more integrated manner?

To what degree do you believe the company you work for operates its pharma-logistics or other supply chains in a fully integrated manner?

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